James E. McWilliams
James E. McWilliamsCEO
Since 1984
Christopher S. McWilliams
Christopher S. McWilliamsPresident
Since 1990
Michael R. McWilliams
Michael R. McWilliamsSenior Vice President
Since 1997
Chip Floyd
Chip FloydVP of Sales & Marketing
Since 1999
Suzanne Greene
Suzanne GreeneVP & Controller
Since 1994
Todd Mitchell
Todd MitchellVP of Midwest & Northeast Region
Since 2010
John Schindler
John SchindlerVP of Southwest Region
Since 2000
Chris Gould
Chris GouldVP of West Region
Since 2000
Lee Apple
Lee AppleSoutheast Regional Manager
Since 2005


Tim Hallman
Tim HallmanStudio Director | XGD
Since 2011
Thomas Royal
Thomas RoyalSenior Designer | XGD
Since 2000
Stephanie Dietrich
Stephanie DietrichSenior Designer | XGD
Since 2008
Colleen Curasi
Colleen CurasiSenior Designer | XGD
Since 2012
Ramie Nunally
Ramie NunallyDesigner | XGD
Since 2018
Alayna Radford
Alayna RadfordSocial Media Director
Since 2018

Project Managers

Megan Dolan
Megan DolanInterior Project Manager
Since 2012
Mark Hester
Mark HesterInterior Project Manager
Since 2014
Linda Andreozzi
Linda AndreozziInterior Project Manager
Since 2021
Lisa Gleason
Lisa GleasonInterior Project Manager
Since 2019
Lori Fallick
Lori FallickExterior Project Manager
Since 2004
Morgan Morris
Morgan MorrisExterior Project Manager
Since 2020
Paula Wofford
Paula WoffordExterior Project Manager
Since 1993