Improve the Experience of First-time Visitors

It’s Sunday morning.  A family is visiting for the first time, and searching for the nursery. Church is usually a place where they find direction, the last thing they want is to get lost.  With an INNERFACE wayfinding and identification program, every move is the right one.  Our experiential graphic designers create effective wayfinding solutions for your campus.  Sending an uplifting message, that’s your job.  Directing people to it? That’s ours.  To find out how we can help your worshippers find their way, get in touch.

Canyon Ridge Church Exterior Monument Signage
Church Religion Exterior Wayfinding

Wayfinding and Identification

From exterior boundary markers letting folks know they have found your campus to area identification signs, we plan each wayfinding and identification element with a focus on the first time and infrequent visitor experience.   Our programs focus on delivering messages that are concise, consistently presented and understood by your visitors.  Our modular solutions guarantee that your wayfinding and identification program can change as often as needed without putting a dent in your budget.

Amplifi Digital Signage

Tell your story while informing your visitors.  Our Amplfi Digital Signage solutions enable you to communicate a variety of messages on a single platform.  From directory and wayfinding information to activities and announcements, there is no limit to the variety of information you can share or how often it changes.

Church-Kids-Impact Signage

 IMPACT! Graphics

Extend your brand impact with IMPACT! graphics.  Communication-related to wayfinding, identification and brand does not end with traditional signage. IMPACT large format graphics can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your wayfinding program, clearly identify destinations and decision points and support your core brand message.  Whether based on religious inspired messages or simple themed images, IMPACT! graphics are great tools to create a positive impression and vibrant space.

Donor Recognition

Your family of love to see the difference they make by contributing to your church. We can help you organize and communicate this recognition effort.  From integration with traditional signage elements to large custom displays, our design team can create a solution that makes an impact.  Bringing us in early as a partner in a capital campaign allows us to help you create tools to best showcase your vision and expand your reach with potential patrons.

Church Donor Wall
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