Elkhart General Hospital Interior Wayfinding

Improve Your Patient and Visitor Experience

Making your patients and visitors feel comfortable and welcomed in your environment is our top priority.   Our experiential graphic designers have worked with more than a thousand healthcare facilities of all sizes in all fifty states and bring their collection of knowledge and best practices to your projects.   

Wayfinding and Identification

From exterior boundary markers letting folks know they have found your campus to room and department identification signs, we plan each wayfinding and identification element with a focus on the patient and visitor experience.   Our programs focus on delivering messages that are concise, consistently presented and understood by your patients and visitors.

Patient Marker Boards

A great compliment to our patient precaution signs and custom developed for each client application, our Inform patient marker board signs assist your staff in communicating needed information with their patients.  Each patient room type may require different information and design.  Our experiential graphic designers will work with your team to make sure each piece of information you need to convey is captured in a way that is easy for your staff to use and for your patients to understand.

Patient Precaution

We strive to improve the way your staff cares for your patients.  By working closely with your caregivers, we develop patient room signs that efficiently communicate critical information.  These modular signs are simple to update and can change as often as needed to meet the changing needs of you patients and spaces.

Amplifi Digital Signage

Our Amplifi digital signage solutions enable you to communicate a variety of messages on a single platform.  From directory and wayfinding information to community events and announcements, there is no limit to the variety of information you can share or how often it changes.

IMPACT! Graphics

Communication related to wayfinding, identification and brand does not end with traditional signage.  Introducing IMPACT! large format graphics can greatly enhance the effectiveness of wayfinding programs, clearly identify destinations and decision points and support your core brand message.  Whether based on a local artist or simple themed images.

Impact! Parking Deck Signage

Donor Recognition

We can help recognize those that contribute to your organization.  From integration with traditional signage elements to large custom displays, our design team can create a solution that makes an impact.  Bringing us in early as a partner in a capital campaign allows us to help you create tools to best showcase your vision and expand your reach with potential patrons.


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